As the best San Tan real estate agent for the job, I bring the experience and industry insight you need to sell your home. I’m a resident of San Tan Valley and, in addition to knowing the community, I can help you stage your house just right to attract the very best buyers.

When selling your home, presentation is everything. And if you have the right setting for potential homebuyers, you can greatly increase your chances of selling quickly. When you work with the best San Tan real estate agent, you’ll get the best tips and tricks to make your home someone else’s. Here’s a few of the things to consider when selling your home:

  • If you’ve ever read anything about hosting the perfect open house, you’ve heard the cookie rule. Nothing makes a home smell more homey than the smell of freshly baked cookies. Shortly before the open house, pop in some pre-done cookie dough and let potential buyers sniff their way to their new home.
  • Declutter. Remove all unnecessary furniture, decorations, family photos and belongings. You want to create space so potential buyers can picture their own items in the space. Depending on how much stuff you have in your house, you may have to rent a short-term storage unit.
  • Clean. Make your home sparkle so buyers can remove cleaning from their list of to-dos when they move in. Go through the home with a fresh eye and scrub, wipe and spray it clean.
  • Make repairs throughout the home. Replace or touch up anything that’s dirty, chipped or broken.

These are just a few of the tips that will help you best position your home for sale. If you’re looking for the best San Tan Real estate agent to sell your home, contact me, Big Mike. I won’t rest until your home is home-sweet-home for someone else.