Burger Wars in the East Valley

By March 28, 2014No Comments

in-n-outToday marks the dawn of a new era in the QC & San Tan area,with the grand opening of In-n-Out. The burger franchise out of California has a big following of devoted customers. That being said I am not a huge fan of In-n-Out. I do like the flavor of the burgers but I am not very fond of their French fries. I don’t feel like they are a good value either. I wonder how their opening is going to affect the recently opened Smashburger that is in the same shopping center. The Queen Creek Marketplace has seen so much growth in the recent years. The area at Gary and Hunt Hwy has seen a ton of growth as well. With the recent addition of Native New Yorker and Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers we are getting many more dining options available to us in the area. So the real matter at hand is who has the best burger? I break burgers down into two categories. You have your fast food burger and your sit down burger. For me the sit down burger is an easy choice. If I am going to a sit down dinner for a burger San Tan Flat wins hands down. It’s not just the burger their it is about the whole experience. The ice-cold draft beer, live music, and decor make it an event. The quality of the burger is a bonus. So when it comes to a fast food burger it is strictly about the burger. When I talk about consistency I often use analogies about two things. McDonalds and Bud Light. These two things are almost always consistent. You are not going to finish either one and feel like it was the best you ever had. It almost always is just what you expected. I personally feel that one fast food burger is a cut above the rest. That place is Whataburger. It may just be since Whataburger and I are both from the great state of Texas and that it reminds me of friends and good times from the past. Or it just may be a better burger. I have sent e-mails to Whataburger in hopes that we will get one out in the QC /San Tan area. Believe it or not they replied and unfortunately they told me that there were no immediate plans to open one in our area. 🙁  So now that you know how I feel about burgers, what is your favorite?