So you are looking for horse property for sale, but up until now you have only ever dealt with suburban real estate. Assuming they are they same thing is a common mistake people can sometimes make. So that we avoid those mistakes, let’s examine three things to consider when looking at rural/ horse property for sale.


If you are specifically looking for property that can house horses, it is good to consider if the property is already set up with horse stalls. While this would make things much more convenient, you may want to start from scratch and build a stable or a riding area that will suit your particular needs.


One thing about living in the country is that it may take longer to restore power in the event that it is knocked out by a storm or a blown transformer. This, of course, purely depends on whether the horse property for sale is located outside a city jurisdiction. You may want to ask if the property comes equipped with a generator, just in case.

In the case of water, it is important to note that you may be using wells rather than any municipal water system, making you responsible for the water you drink. Spend the extra money to have the water tested for safety before you invest. Also consider the septic system and if it is big enough to handle the number of occupants on your land. Again, this is all dependent on the location of the property. Many horse properties are within city limits, so utility issues may not even be a concern. It’s just a good thing to ask about when considering a horse property for sale.


Remember that on private rural property, the city or county may not be responsible for some of the roads leading to you. Ask about the road situation and consider if you will need to own four wheel drive vehicles.

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