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Why Big Mike

Why Big Mike – After years in a corporate retail environment Mike has moved on to create a successful Real Estate business. Mike has over 20 years experience in sales. As a Senior manager for two different Fortune 100 companies. He has trained and developed hundreds of sales professionals in his career. He has trained people to sell everything from car stereos to million dollar homes. He has a proven track record for helping sales professionals take their business to the next level. Mike is also plugged in to his local board of Realtors. He has previously served on three committees at WeServ . The Government Affairs Committee, Professional Development Committee, and the Leadership Committee. As well as Vice Chair and Chairman of the Professional Development committee.

Our Training program- Our goal for new agents is six transactions in six months. We want you to get a jump start on your real estate career. We will get you there with our complete agent training program. We provide weekly one on one mentor meetings. We will set goals and hold you accountable. You will work shoulder to shoulder with your mentor and get on the job training. All this personal attention combined with the powerful CRM and lead generation platform will help transform you into the best real estate professional you can be.

Why Join My Home Group Queen Creek Team

Driven by honesty, integrity, dependability and attentiveness, the My Home Group Queen Creek team is committed to delivering an unparalleled relational experience. They focus on getting to know their clients and their individual needs.

Working with some of the best lenders and title companies in the business, the My Home Group Queen Creek team utilizes these valuable resources during your transaction. They will guide you through each step of the home buying or selling process and share with you their experiences in helping you to make the best informed decision about the purchase or sale of your property.

“After all it’s not just a house it’s your home.”

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