Why should I live in Gilbert AZ ?

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Why should I live in Gilbert AZ ?

The Possibilities Are Endless In Gilbert, Arizona

Located in the Southwest portion of Arizona, Maricopa County, Gilbert is becoming a fast growing town. Gilbert is in the metropolis area of Phoenix, Arizona. Going from a mainly agricultural region, Gilbert has become an economically diverse center. Population has sky-rocketed in the last 30 years from 5,700 to over 200,000.


Gilbert is 76 square miles of land, with only .24 square miles being water. The land for the town of Gilbert was provided by William Gilbert, who, in 1902 gave the land to the Arizona Eastern Railway system. The railway then provided a rail system between Florence, Arizona to Gilbert, Arizona. Gilbert is a rather warm and dry area.


The town of Gilbert is listed in the National Registry of Historic places, with a number of locations qualified as historic. This makes this an interesting place to visit for history buffs. Some of these are:


The Gilbert Elementary and the Gilbert High School


The first Jail House of Gilbert


The American Legion building


The Creed Building


With an exceptional school system, safe neighborhoods and plenty of recreation available, Gilbert has become a choice place of residence for families and singles alike. Gilbert, Arizona strives to help new businesses in the area. They will help you through each step of the process.


The Housing industry in Gilbert is booming, making this the ideal town to purchase a home or build a new one on a vacant parcel of land. Dreams can come true when living in Gilbert; we can help you find your dream home. You will find plenty of stores, quaint little shops, restaurants and very shortly there will be a University in the town of Gilbert.


Being named as the second safest city to live in, and ranking 22nd for the best town to live in the country explains why so many people choose to make their home and their living in Gilbert, Arizona. Gilbert is the home of many types of business and industries. Some are bio-technology, Clean technology and Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing, Gilbert’s focus is on Math, Sciences, Technology and Industry.


Located just south of Mesa, Gilbert is close to metropolitan areas, and is a high performing government organization. Gilbert is dedicated to enhancing the lives of all their residents with integrity, trust and respect. Gilbert Arizona is the choice of many who believe as Gilbert does, that everyone deserves to feel safe and secure, and receive a great education, and have a great career. There are numerous employment opportunities in the town of Gilbert.


Ideal country, ideal town, ideal opportunities in housing, business and education make Gilbert the ideal choice for your planned move. Join all those who have learned the benefits of living in a growing town, become a part of the rich history of the land.

So now you say your ready to find a home in Gilbert? Give us a call. The Down Home Team at United Brokers Group can help you find the perfect spot for you to call home.