What You need to Know About Apache Junction Real Estate

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What You need to Know About Apache Junction Real Estate

Apache Junction is a city in the state of Arizona and the counties of Pinal and Maricopa. The junction is named because of the U.S. Route 60 and the Apache Trail. This Trail, created in 1905 was a route from Phoenix to the Roosevelt Dam construction site. This route traced the old Apache ways that passed across the desert and then through the cavernous canyons. It was used to transport needed supplies as well as men. The Apache trail is one of the most scenic drives when living in Arizona. This city has an area of 89 km squared.


The town is bounded by the Bulldog Area for Recreation to the North, the Superstition Mountain which is a federal wilderness area as well as home of the lost Dutchman’s Goldmine to the East, and the town of Mesa to the western side. Goldfield Ghost Town which is near the western side of Superstition Mountain is a popular spot for tourists.


Apache Junction is a desert community and is thirty five miles east of Phoenix. This city enjoys two hundred ninety five days of sunshine yearly, it has maintained a personality and definite flavor that is consistent with a true Western town.


The area experiences very little rainfall and humidity or wind. It has generous amounts of sunshine and clear days.


The city began in 1922 when George Cleveland Curtis decided to use this location to sell drink and food and drink to people who were traveling outside of Phoenix. A year later the Apache Junction Inn was built by Curtis. By the 1950’s many other people arrived in the town and began living in small houses and parks. The town was incorporated in 1978 and encouraged business and growth. The town also became a popular destination for winter visitors because of the mild winter climate.


Apache Junction is a city that caters to recreation seekers, young dual income families with children as well as retirees. There is a wide range of properties that are available in Apache Junction which can suit any dwelling need for residence. The Junction is also a gateway to the Superstition Wilderness, the Tonto National Forest, the famous Apache Trail, the Salt River Chain of Lakes and the historic Old West Highway.


Hiking, picnic areas, horseback riding trails are all offered at the Superstition Peak that are located within the Superstition Mountains. There is also a museum at the Superstition Mountain which collects and displays artifacts, folklore and history of Apache Junction.


Residents and visitors are attracted to the wide, open spaces as well as the lush desert scenery that Arizona has to offer. The state has put measures like reducing waste, recycling, celebrating local cultures, conserving energy and water as well as sourcing local products in order to preserve the infrastructure.