Is it hard to find no HOA real estate? What types of communities have no HOA real estate? Is no HOA real estate even possible? These are just a few of the questions I get from first-time home buyers who want to know more about their real estate options. If you are looking at buying your first home and want to know more about HOAs, I am happy to give you the lowdown about whether a home in an HOA community is right for you.

An HOA or Home Owners Association, is the governing part of many communities. All home owners receive what is known as Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) that cover any rule or policy in each community. While there can be some restrictions that reduce the perceived freedoms of homeowners, having an HOA governing your community can bring many more positives.

An HOA can be your best community monitor. Each HOA is typically comprised of community members on committees like landscaping, architecture, administrative, etc. Because community residents are on the committees, they are the front line for making sure the community stays welcoming and clean. HOA committees can notify you on everything from weeds in yards to oils spots on driveways to long-term parking on community streets. On an even broader scale, the HOA provides approval when home owners want to change their home’s external paint color or add new structures or buildings around the home.

Everyone who has experienced an HOA has an opinion about them. Once you find a few homes you’re interested in, I can help you filter through their HOA CC&Rs so you can determine which one is the right kind of structure for you and your family. My in-depth knowledge of the East Valley and its communities will be a huge asset for you when determining which community provides the right amount of HOA governance. And if  you decide against a home with an HOA, I can help you find those options, too.

Contact me, Big Mike, when you’re ready to find your perfect new home.