What Sellers Should Consider When Selecting A Queen Creek Real Estate Agent

If you are thinking about selling your Queen Creek real estate, you should consider Down Home Real Estate for your agency and Big Mike as your agent – and this is why.

For about 98% of the population, the purchase of their home is the biggest investment of their lives. When it’s time to sell that investment, you want to be sure the person and agency that are representing you are qualified, competent and ready to work with you. You also want to make sure you sell your property as quickly as possible and for as much as possible. Having a local Queen Creek real estate professional on your team makes all the difference. The Down Home Team are experts in the Queen Creek area.

Here are some considerations for choosing your real estate agent:

  • Reputation – Have you ever heard of the agent or agency? Has anyone? While Frida from Frida’s Waffle House, Taxi and Real Estate may offer to work for less, using Frida as your agent would definitely qualify as a bad decision on your part. Potential buyers will be much more willing to pay your asking price if your agent and agency are well known and respected. Remember, it’s the buyer’s biggest investment of their life too, so let Frida concentrate on her waffle house and taxi service.
  • Online Presence – It is the world in which we live – period. In today’s world practically everything can be done online, if it can’t be done, it can definitely be researched online. That includes buying, selling and shopping for real estate. Ask and answer these 2 questions:
  1. When was the last time you left your house without your phone?
  1. When was the last time you bought anything that cost more than $100 without researching it online first?

Exactly! It is probable that the person who ends up buying your house will have found it and researched it online. It is also probable they will research the agency or agent online as well, so keep that in mind too. You are reducing the number of potential buyers by at least half by not being online. Bottom line – If you’re considering an agent and/or agency that can’t or won’t establish on online presence, you should reconsider.

  •  Experience – This doesn’t mean you should find the agent and/or agency that have been in the business the longest; you should be looking for relevant experience. That is, experience in the area where your home. You want someone who knows the area and how much your home is really worth. Your agent must be able to effectively market, advertise and sell your house.


  • Passion – Take a look at any profession and you’ll see the people at the top of the profession all have one thing in common – passion for the job. If your agent doesn’t have it, they shouldn’t be your agent.

When you select a Queen Creek real estate agent, you are establishing a professional business relationship and choosing a person to represent you – make sure you are comfortable with that decision.

These simple suggestions could save, or cost, you a bundle of money, so choose wisely. Call us today at Down Home Real Estate. As your Queen Creek real estate experts, we will work closely with you to get you the best possible deal for your home.