Thinking of selling your home?  One of the main reason’s I got involved in real estate in Arizona was to help people make the process easier. As a real estate agent and a homeowner myself, I understand the challenges associated with selling a home. It’s in that spirit that we’ll discuss five factors to help you decide if you are ready to sell.

Do you Have a Plan?

When you are contemplating a home sale, there usually is one overriding reason behind your decision. Perhaps you are moving out of the area or maybe your family size is changing and you need a home to accommodate your needs. Whatever the case may be, having a plan is important to the home selling process. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is the condition of the home?
  • Does it need renovation or major repairs?
  • What are the financial aspects of selling?
  • What are the costs of moving?
  • Have I consulted with an expert?
  • Am I studying real estate in Arizona along with area market trends?

Here are some other considerations:

Does your Home Meet your Needs?

Life is constant change and sometimes that change requires us to find a new home. Are you having children and planning an even bigger family? This is a definite sign of being ready to sell. Have your children left the nest leaving you with too much house? Life events that require a change in your housing situation are all great factors to consider.

Do you Have Equity?

Having equity means that you do not owe more than the house is worth. You don’t want to lose money when selling your home.  Having equity could be an essential factor to being ready to sell.

Can you afford it?

Have you looked over your finances? Many people make the mistake of thinking they will only need enough money for their new house when there are definitely other financial considerations. To maximize your sale price, you need to have money on hand to make sure your current home is in great shape and attractive to buyers.

Are you Emotionally Attached?

Houses are very sentimental places. If you’ve spent any time at all in a home, you have made memories there that you don’t want to forget. However, you have to break that attachment because not only are you going to be leaving, you are going to be making changes to attract buyers as well.

If you need help or have questions about the selling process contact me today at 480-720-0730. I have extensive experience in selling real estate in Arizona and can help you sell your home to get the maximum benefits in return.