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When moving to a new home, there are many things you need to consider. There are the obvious preparations like hiring movers and notifying the post office with your change of address. But one consideration that is equally, if not more, important is helping your children acclimate to their new surroundings. This can be especially critical if they are leaving their school and their friends behind.

While you know your children better than anyone, there are some general tips that prove effective when dealing with children and a move.

  1. Tell your children about the move early. Give them a chance to really digest the news and hear that of all the properties for sale, you selected this home because it offers x, y, z for them. Maybe your new home will have a pool. That is always something that is exciting to kids!
  2. Once you tell your children about the move, reassure them that everything in the home is coming with you. This means their things – toys, bedroom decorations, pets etc. The comfort and security of personal items is an important driver in acceptance of the move.
  3. Involve them in the moving process as much as possible. Have them pack some of their items so they know they are part of it.
  4. Once you get to your new home, have your child help decorate their room. It might be paint, a rug, a bedspread, whatever the option, it will help empower your child and make them feel like it’s their space.
  5. Take your children to community events and school activities to meet other kids. Get to know your neighbors and their children. This will help establish the sense of community many of us remember as children.

If a move is in your future and you’re ready to start looking at properties for sale, contact Down Home Real Estate today. Big Mike will make sure the home buying process is as smooth as possible, so you and your little ones can make the adjustment with ease.