When home buyers purchase real estate, they are all looking for different things. One feature might attract a buyer over another. The most important thing you can do before you put your home on the market is update those features that are the most generally appealing to everyone.

If you’re not sure where to start, that’s where I can help. My extensive real estate knowledge gives you the insight you need to help make the right enhancements. While each market and community differs, some of the most common enhancements that can pay off when you sell your home include:

  • Kitchen or bathroom remodels. The two main rooms that potential buyers look at are the kitchen and bathrooms. If you update anything in the home, these rooms should definitely be considered. Bringing a kitchen or bathroom up to date can pay dividends.  Even if you can’t do a complete remodel, there are some simple upgrades that will make these rooms stand out. Think about new light fixtures or backsplashes, for example.
  • Upgrade flooring. If you’re home has outdated tile or worn and stained carpeting, upgrade to a wood or faux wood, tile or new carpet. Make your home as inviting to potential buyers as possible.
  • Create curb appeal. One of the easiest things you can do to enhance your home is add some pizazz to welcome buyers to their new home. Many people decide to purchase real estate the moment they walk up the driveway. By adding some color, bricks, character and charm, you can snag the attention of even the pickiest of buyers. Even adding some colorful, potted plants can brighten up any home’s exterior.
  • Low hanging fruit. Some of the quickest updates you can make involve paint and fixtures. You can transform your home by replacing and updating plumbing and lighting fixtures. You can also brighten and create more appeal by touching up or entirely repainting everything from the baseboards to the ceiling.

So whether you’re looking to purchase real estate or you’re wanting to sell yours, give me a call. My job is helping you reach your goals. My passion is making sure we reach those goals quickly based on having the right market information.