Queen Creek Arizona Real Estate agents wanted ?

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Queen Creek Arizona Real Estate agents wanted ?

How Can an Agent Help Me Buy a Home?

Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. From financing to negotiating to closing, there are a lot of moving pieces that can leave anyone’s head spinning.


IMG_7779As an agent I am here to take all that stress off of you. I do this full time and know all the angles. I will make sure that you meet all your time lines and get the best deal that you can.


Here are a few of the most common questions:


Do I need to get pre approved by a lender?

This is really one of the first steps in the process. It is great to know what the rates are and what your budget is. A lender will go over all the options available (VA, FHA, Conventional, etc). They will help you with down Payment options and government grants that may be available. It will also give you a better idea what to expect as far as your monthly payment. With the current market you don’t want any delays either. If you find “The One” you can move quickly and write and offer to try and get that property locked in. It is no fun to get all pumped up about a house and then lose out cause someone got the offer in before you.


How can an agent help me in choosing a home?

With the age of the internet there is a ton of information on line. So there are plenty of places to find homes for sale. Sadly, they are not always accurate. Very often some of these online resources will have outdated information. Also some times they can just be an outright scam. Another reason to have an agent is to help with things you don’t know or may not have thought of. Some times we can get wrapped up in a decision based on emotion and not logic. We are here to help keep you grounded. We can also point out some things that you might not see like (power lines, a main road in your back yard, the dairy farm next door). We can also be a great voice of reason. Some buyers will eliminate a home over an easy fix. As an example a buyer might say granite counters are a must have and I just happen to know a contractor that can put those in for $2,500.


I’m buying a new house. Why can’t I just use the agent there?

I get this question all the time. You can use the agent there at the builder’s model homes. If you do decide to go that route keep in mind that the agent works for the builder not for you. They are a trained professional with a real estate license negotiating with you on behalf of the builder. I compare it to going to court. It’s like going to court without a lawyer and hoping that the other lawyer looks out for you and the person that hired them. When you think about it like that it seems pretty silly doesn’t it? I’m not saying that you will get ripped off but you might not have gotten the best deal that the builder had to offer. In a recent transaction a Queen Creek builder was offering a spec home for a discounted rate of $389,000 from the original price of $474,000. Sounds like a great deal right? It was but then on top of that I got the builder to throw in a matching refrigerator, washer and dryer as well as pay for my buyers closing costs.


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