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When it comes to Queen Creek home values there are online sources are great for locating a home to buy. Downhomeaz.com being one of the best.

I remember the first time I thought that I had information that was privileged was in the early 90’s. I was trading in my Nissan pickup at a car dealer when he blew my mind! He gave me a KBB WEBLOGO_SQ_3D_URL_RGBbook that showed dealer trade-in values. That information was a mystery to most consumers, including myself. I felt like he had just shared a secret, like something out of a spy movie. At that time, there was no internet and information was at a premium. In current times, there are most likely 100 or more places to look up used car values.

I felt that same way the first time I learned about Zillow. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen! You could find out any info you wanted about any home in the country. It was incredible!

So let’s fast forward a little. In 2004 I went to work for CarMax as a buyer. My job was to source inventory for them to retail at auctions and from people coming in to sell. I spent years learning the business and what a car was really worth. Armed with a new understanding as someone who bought and sold cars every day, KBB was now not my friend at all. Many consumers would come in to the dealership armed to the gills with info. Everything from KBB, Edmunds , Autotrader, and even Craigslist. They had done their research and knew exactly what their car was worth.  That is where I come in. I would have to go out and tell a customer all that information was bad. I am not saying that the info was all wrong but you have to consider lots of things.

First, the consumer hears what they want to hear. They may look at 10 different sights to get the value and then choose the one that shows their vehicle is worth the most. Second, they will always assume that their vehicle is in the best possible condition. Again, I think these are all things that are normal. We are human and always want to assume the best. The unfortunate reality was that I was looking at their vehicle from a different prospective. It was not personal to me it was just business.

So let’s fast forward again to 2013. I set off on a new journey in life to go into business for myself in Real Estate.zillow-logo You would think that I had learned a lesson back in 2004. Information was not always a good thing. I once again looked at something that was amazing and learned that it was not my friend. Over and over I have had to deal with clients that had access to information that may or may not apply to their situation.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Zillow buying out Trulia. People seem to be worried that it would be too much of a monopoly for one source to control all this information. I am here to tell you it doesn’t really hurt anyone. KBB didn’t bring the used car industry to it’s knees. The same as Zillow will not bring the housing industry to it’s knees. There will always be a need for professionals in these industries to better understand and help consumers to navigate through these waters. The average person will buy 9.4 cars and 3.5 homes in their lifetime. That means that it is not something that they will do very often. What is the old saying “practice makes perfect”. Those professionals that guide you through the process do it everyday.

I am not worried one bit about Zillow buying Trulia. trulia_logo_(mobile)The information provided on the internet is very broad and vague. Consumers will still need guidance to help them with all the other parts of the process which is why I created downhomeaz.com. My site connects you with the home search you desire and the follow up you need to make sure your home purchase goes as smoothly as possible. So I will leave you with this – When I had people tell me that KBB said my car was worth X dollars. My reply was simply “Fantastic! That is a great offer! You should sell it to them.” Most people would look confused and then they would all finally come to the same reality…KBB doesn’t buy cars. And guess what?  Zillow doesn’t buy houses.