As a Queen Creek real estate professional, it is important for me to stay on top of the latest trends so I can keep my clients in the loop. Understanding what sells and what buyers are looking for can make a big difference when your home is on the market. It is also helpful when you are making a decision on which home to buy.

In today’s world, it’s all about technology. While the latest and greatest gadgets do not overshadow a home that is in pristine condition and in the right location, having updated features in your home can definitely be a selling point for buyers.

As we all can imagine, smart home technology can connect you to your home via on-demand access to various systems in your home. This technology can control video, telephone, wireless, security, temperature, and lighting that can affect your family’s everyday life. It isn’t always about convenience, either. Smart home technology can also help with energy savings and home safety.

Here are some innovative smart home features you may want to consider:

  • Induction cooktops that produce heat only when the metal on the cookware comes into contact with the induction cooktop surface.
  • Smart phone activation systems to control music, lighting, heating/cooling, and security. This can be ideal for those who travel frequently or have school-aged kids who come home during the day before you come home in the evening.
  • Smart water fixtures in your bathroom that can help you conserve water and also provide a luxurious shower experience.
  • Innovative thermostats that intuitively learn your family’s lifestyle and allows homeowners to control settings from an Internet enabled smart device.
  • Technology that helps control your bathing experience in the bathtub as well as your shower’s temperature, spray, lighting, and even audio. Audio, you say? Yes, you can even program your favorite tunes through sound tile speakers in your shower.

While I don’t necessarily recommend that you need to install all of these features in your home when you are putting it on the market, it is never a bad idea to keep smart home technology on your radar. This wave of the future is here now!

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