Queen Creek San Tan Valley Real Estate update.

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Queen Creek San Tan Valley Real Estate update. The Weather edition!! 

The Storm

With all the upheaval and uncertainty in my life these days, I revel in the days that bring small, yet powerful victories. Today was one such day. It was the usual Friday, but it was accentuated by the fact that it was payday. Who doesn’t love payday Friday?

IMG_4347The irony of the day started when a perceived slow rumble of thunder piqued my interest leading to the question “Did I really just hear thunder?” followed by “Oh dang, it’s raining and the sunroof is open on my car!!”. Murphy’s Law at its finest. The day continued with its various challenges and obstacles but as the end of the work day approached the weight of the unimportant yet seemingly draining details of those challenges seemed to evaporate like the sprinkle of an afternoon Arizona monsoon. My focus moved from the mundane drone of the daily grind to the importance of making sure that my wife’s physical therapy for her knee was top priority. Off to the doc’s we went.

None of this really bears much upon this story except to set the stage for the overall ambiance of the afternoon. The thing that matters is the weather. So many of us that live in Arizona take our sunshine for granted. It is something we just count on. I am no different often giving a thought to my daily plans or choices for weekend entertainment based on the fact that it almost never rains, so why plan accordingly? But I thoroughly enjoy a good storm and soaking from the rain. In fact I look forward to it, and for the most part, unless it cancels a race I want to see, I welcome it and revel in its arrival. Not only is it a change from the consent and sometime relentless overbearing heat, it is symbolic and therapeutic for me. Today was no different. But this storm had a strange way showing me a message using its awe inspiring powers.

As the day started off with a surprise spritzing, it showed me that though things are pretty predictable and routine, I should always be aware of the unexpected. No matter how satisfying, it can always catch IMG_4381you off guard and sometimes lead to a bummer deal like wet seats in the car. The afternoon’s storm was much different though. This was a microburst, a very powerful and condensed group of elements that worked in harmony to produce something very violent, yet curiously calming. It almost seemed to mirror life’s events at the present time. The sky was grey with the impending threat of what was about to embark upon our little town of San Tan Valley. If you close your eyes you could imagine the air around you beginning to swirl and twist within itself causing unrest and turbulence. The smell of moisture was heavy in the air and the suffocating feeling that comes with it was almost overpowering. It was almost like being in a sauna. It was most certainly the tell tale signs of our yearly savior from the drought and crushing summer villain, the monsoon. The thunder rolled in, ever increasing in intensity and frequency bringing with it the sharp, crisp flashes of the static electricity built up by the tumbling clouds above. Behind it howled the wind and swelled the dust, almost acting as the precursor to what was coming. In a matter of what seemed seconds, the sky changed from a yellowish green to the most intimidating grey, reserved only for the most intimidating battleship. The heavens opened up.

Watching the fury of all the ingredients coming together perfectly was almost surreal. The rain came down sideways, trees strained to remain upright; the streets struggled to keep up with their demand to remove evidence of just exactly what was on top of us. The lightning forced itself inside even the most IMG_4370obscure corners casting eerie shadows that could not be comprehended before the clap of thunder split the afternoon air like the wedge of a lumberjack into a seasoned log. The concussion causing the heart rate to quicken. It was chaos and poetry in motion. And yet, that wasn’t the most beautiful part. As Mother Nature’s perfect little martini, shaken-not stirred, began to finish out the final acts of its monologue, a different feeling began to emerge. Within all this violence and turmoil emerged the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. For me, I saw a parallel into life.

The storm. Though not common, it’s usually looked upon favorably and welcomed with open arms. But don’t misjudge its spontaneity and take it for granted because when you do it will most certainly give you IMG_4351cause for regret. The tree, holding on for dear life. Flexing and bending with all the varying degrees of conflict, yet still standing no worse for the wear showing that it can and usually will adapt to the changing conditions. The wind, forceful and slicing, manipulating all around it trying to impose its own self will upon any and all who will allow such things to happen. It’s ever changing temperature molding attitudes and feelings to its command. The rain, cold, piercing, penetrating. The giver and taker. It will cleanse your pallet and allow you a fresh beginning, wet has the power to erase you from its canvas with one fell swoosh. And finally, the rainbow. As the clouds part and the skies return to their native state a sign emerges signifying that a change is coming. It stands as a beacon of hope and magic. It serves as a reminder that no matter how bad the storm may be, how hard the water comes down or the wind blows; there will be something good to come of it all. No matter what, we can all weather the storm.

Written by : Travis Jones