If you’re looking for a real estate agent to help you find your new home, I hope you consider me, Big Mike. I know there are many qualified real estate agents throughout the Valley who would love to help you, but there is a difference. For me, that difference is San Tan Valley and the surrounding area.

I fell in love with San Tan Valley after moving there. Soon after, I realized that I wanted to share my great community with others, and what better way to do that than through being a real estate agent. As a Realtor, I have the opportunity to showcase the many San Tan Valley amenities to potential new neighbors. Passion and knowledge for the area you’re looking at should be top of the list when looking for a real estate agent.

When you look for a real estate agent, it’s a given that he or she should definitely have the basics covered – all of those Realtor things that Realtors should know. Once you determine the quality and positive reputation are there, you should look for a connection of some sort. When meeting or speaking with potential agents, ask yourself if you can see you and your family going through this exciting and life-changing journey with them. It’s about making connections and trusting that an agent has your best interest at heart.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent with know-how and heart, call or email me and let’s set up some time to meet. We can grab a coffee and talk about what you’re looking for in your new home and community. And I’ll share some of the great features of San Tan Valley and its surrounding area. And I hope after our first meeting, you see first-hand that my priority is you and your next home.

Whether you’re buying or selling, let me help. I will apply my knowledge, passion and love of San Tan Valley and Arizona, to help you quickly close the deal.