Options for real estate in San Tan Valley are growing tremendously. Several new communities have either opened or are opening soon. This means you have many styles, lot sizes and amenities to consider when looking for your new home. And when you find that home, it’s important to prepare it for Arizona’s winter weather.

While we don’t have the extreme cold temperatures that other states have, we can still reach freezing, especially in outer lying areas of the Valley. So before the temperatures dip there are a few things you can do to make sure you new real estate in San Tan Valley is prepared.

  • Check all doors for gaps that allow cold air to enter the home. If you find extra space, use weather stripping to seal the doors and prevent the heat from going out.
  • Just like doors, check all windows to see if there are any that are allowing cold air to flow in.
  • If you haven’t turned your furnace on in over a year and you have gas service, check to make sure the pilot light is lit.
  • Replace the filter to allow for easier air flow of clean air.
  • Anytime the temperatures are at or near freezing, you need to cover any external exposed pipes. This is typically a set of pipes that are near the water regulator and main water valve to the home. This also means watering hose on/off knobs. You can purchase official cold-weather covers however you can also use old sheets and/or towels.
  • A trick that may bring some warmth into your home without turning on the heater is to open your blinds wide and let the sun in. The natural warming of the sun can bring the temperature of your house up a couple of degrees.

If you have questions about real estate in San Tan Valley or are looking for your new home contact me. It may not be fierce but our Arizona winter can bring some chilly nights. Make sure your home is prepared.