With real estate offices based in the East Valley of Phoenix, our team at Down Home Real Estate can help you make sure you consider the right things when looking for a home. Whether you’ve purchased a house before of your looking for your first one, thinking long-term can help you get the most for your investment.

While looking for a home, most people are feeling the excitement of finding the perfect backyard for the kids, man cave for the hubby or the perfect closet for the wife. These are all important things to have in a home if they are something you and family want. But time goes fast. Children grow up and move away, promotions are offered, or retirement happens. Thinking down the road just a bit can help you get the most for your home when you do go to sell.

Down Home is one of the leading East Valley real estate offices focusing on communities such as Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, and Apache Junction. And when you work with me, I can give you pointers as you look for your ideal home. It doesn’t have to be anything too beyond what you would normally want in a house. Here are a few things to consider about potential resale value when house hunting for your current needs:

  • Location is always a huge factor. Not just the city or town a home is located in, but also where it is within a development. Is it on a corner or near a park? Does it back up to a green space or a busy street?
  • Does the home have an updated kitchen? If not, is it something you’re willing to invest in over time? A kitchen is one, if not the biggest, decision making factors for potential home buyers.
  • How many bedrooms does the home have? In many cases, the more bedrooms the home has, the better. If you turn a bedroom into an office, it’s best to avoid removing doors and closets. This way, you can turn the office back into a bedroom when you go to sell the home.

Of course, the most important thing to consider when buying a home is what needs you and your family have. You will make the house a home and create and share many memories. But resale value is important, too. While you’re looking for a new home for you and your family, keep in mind the things that may someday be attractive should you ever decide to sell the home yourself.

If you’re looking for real estate offices in the East Valley to help you find your new home, contact me, Big Mike. When making one of the largest purchase of your life, you want someone trustworthy and genuine by your side.