Are you selling your home in the new year and need a knowledgeable Realtor San Tan Valley AZ? Well, I’d like to step up for the job. If you don’t know me yet, I’m Big Mike. And I’d love to help you sell your home.

When it comes to the South East Valley, I’m a Realtor in San Tan Valley AZ who has a lot of knowledge on the topic. I not only have the real estate insight, I have the community insight you need to sell your home. Not only do I work in this part of the valley, I also live here, so I can give you the insider look at what it means to be a resident in this part of town.

One of the most important things you can do is get your home prepared to go on the market. You want potential home buyers to feel like your home is there home-sweet-home. Here’s a few tips to help you get ready:

  • Presentation is everything. You want to make sure your home is clean, clear of clutter and place that potential home buyers can envision themselves living in. Do a walk thru of your home and look for anything that stands out, can be removed or needs to be repaired.
  • Less is more. Potential home buyers want to see how much space is in your home and then picture themselves in it. Move extra furniture, boxes, and general clutter to a storage unit, if possible. If you want to neatly stack some packed boxes in your garage, that can work, too.
  • Cleanliness is attractive. Would you want to walk in to a potential home and see dirty carpets, floors, sinks or walls? A clean home is an attractive home and can greatly influence decision making for potential buyers.
  • Repair what is broken. If something needs fixing taking care of it before your home goes on the market can save you time on the back end. Unsightly cracks, wear marks or ripped or broken screens and doors should be fixed. You don’t want potential home buyers to see all the work ahead of them before they see your beautiful home.
  • Add some finishing touches. Does your front door need some new paint? Could your bathroom light fixtures easily be updated? These are some of the things that home buyers are looking at when making their buying decisions. Giving your home a bit of a face lift can and does make a difference.

When you’re ready to sell, I am happy to be your Realtor San Tan Valley AZ and help you through the process, each step of the way. Call or email me today and let’s get 2016 off to a great start!