San Tan Valley Real Estate | Are you move in ready?

By April 9, 2014No Comments

iPhoto LibraryPeople use the term “move in ready” a lot. What exactly does “move in ready” mean when it comes to selling San Tan Valley Real Estate? If you are a buyer it usually means something very different than if you are a seller.

When you go to sell your home one of the first things that you have to remember is that it is simply a business transaction. Keep in mind that you fixed your home up exactly the way you wanted it. The paint is the colors that you want. The lights and fans you picked out. Sometimes it can be the flooring or carpet. Every home is unique and made to fit your taste. So when a potential buyer gives you feedback about one of those items don’t get mad. It’s just not the way they would have done it. Think about this, when a builder makes a model home, they will put in the most commonly asked for upgrades. The paint will usually be neutral colors. They want to make the home the most appealing to the largest segment of buyers that they can. So that Hello Kitty room that your daughter loves may not appeal to the largest segment of buyers.

When you are looking to buy a home. You are looking for a home that matches your taste. Once again everyone is different. It may be granite counters or diagonal tile that top your list. Maybe you are looking for a home with a pool, a gourmet kitchen, or hardwood floors. What you need to keep in mind as a buyer are the things that you cannot change.  For instance, the location of the home. Is this the right area? Secondly, the floorplan. Does this home have the right living space for my family? Sometimes buyers become fixed on things like paint or tile. These should not be a primary reason to buy the home. Paint can be changed and tile can be replaced, but you can’t just move your home from Glendale to Gilbert. You cannot just add another bedroom. Some of these items can be expensive to repair or replace but remember you are buying someones else’s used home. There are gonna be minor things that need repair. As well as things that you will want to change.

So to me, move in ready means that the house is clean. Is the flooring in good shape? Does the roof leak? Do all the appliances work? Are there any plumbing or electrical problems? So what if the bathroom is painted hot pink. That is an easy fix. Don’t pass up your dream house over paint or flooring. Find out how much the changes you want will cost and try to negotiate. Remember everything is negotiable!