Sellers-Preparing to Sell your house.

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Sellers-Preparing to Sell your house. 


Just recently I am taking many more sellers than buyers. There is a lot more to selling than just putting a sign in the yard and waiting for the offers to roll in. There is lots of prep work that needs to be done.


Lets start with repairs. You know all the simple things that you have been meaning to get to for the past 3 years. We often get comfortable with things the way they are and simply just don’t notice them anymore. The devil is in the details. Sometimes it is the smallest thing that can make a buyers imagination run wild. For example, make sure that you’re A/C filters are new and the intake around it is clean. If not a buyer might assume that you never change the filters and the A/C may have issues. Another easy fix might be a simple crack in the drywall. It is most likely nothing to worry about and is easily fixed. If left undone a buyer might think you have foundation issues or that the soil under the house is expansive.


Next up is neutralizing your home. It sounds crazy like a military action but it’s much easier than that. Did you ever wonder why builder’s model homes are all so neutral? It’s because they want the home to appeal to as many people woodland-camoand demographics as possible. You never know who is going to be the next owner of your home. Lets say you are an avid hunter and you love your man cave. Unfortunately the next owner might not love the camo wallpaper with mounted deer heads on the wall. They might not love that Pepto pink accent wall your daughter cried to paint all by her self in the kitchen. Very often your house is exactly how you like it, but you want to change that to make it appeal to as many different people as you can. Taking down custom wallpaper and painting rooms neutral colors is the best way to do that. Do your best to make sure all the flooring is neutral and matching is a plus also.



Next up is staging your home. When buyers come in to preview your home they want to be able to envision them
living there and their stuff in it. I recommend taking down family pictures and de-cluttering all the spaces. You should put away all your nick knacks and things that have a strong sentimental value. It is best to use common items that are neutral. Like throw rugs, pillows, candles, and mirrors. Prints and paintings are good also but make sure Dogs poolthat they are kind of plain. I would probably say to take down the Snap-on tools calendar with half naked women and maybe even the dogs playing pool. Also for safety you should make sure all your valuables and any medications are put away in a safe place.


I know it sounds lame making your home all boring and taking down and putting away the things that you love. In the end it will help your house sell faster and for more money.


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