If you’re selling your home, there are certain steps you can take before you put it on the market. When you list your home you want to have the best advantage you can. By preparing just a bit, you’ll increase your chances of selling your home quickly.

The first thing you should do is de-clutter your home. If you have a lifetime of memories laying around or tons of kids toys, move everything that isn’t necessary into temporary storage. By removing clutter you’re creating space. And most home buyers are looking for bright, open homes with lots of space.

The second thing to do is clean. Once the clutter is out, take a good look around and clean any stains on the walls and carpets, making sure floors are swept and free of debris. If potential home buyers see a messy home, they will assume you didn’t take care of the home overall and might be turned off.

Next, it’s important to make any minor, visible repairs that will add to the home’s appearance. This can include torn screen windows or doors, scuffed up baseboards or door frames, etc. Small touch ups can make a big difference when people are walking through the home for the first time.

Don’t forget the curb appeal. Both front and back yards should be pruned, cut and de-weeded. A backyard can be a homeowner’s oasis during a staycation so make it shine. If you have a pool, make sure it’s skimmed of all debris and the water is sparkling. Nothing is more inviting in the Arizona desert than a swim-ready pool!

One of the final steps for when your selling your home should be a general walk-thru. Start at the front door and go through each room, trying to see them with fresh eyes. Make the beds, clean the bathrooms, light a candle, or open the blinds. Make the home as cozy and appealing as you’d want it to be.

When you’re ready to sell your home, give me, Big Mike, a call at Down Home Real Estate. I would love to help you sell quickly so you can get into the next home of your dreams.