The Elusive “Perfect” House

By April 1, 2014No Comments

Stadler-Concept-Ft-El-Night-2-croppedEveryone has a dream home – that house that has every single thing you want and it is in the perfect location. They are out there.

I know, that when I started my home search in 2009 and houses were priced pretty low, I was looking for 2,000 sq ft, 1 story home.  A home with 42″ cabinets, granite counters, tile or wood floors, a big lot, a pool, a seperate tub and shower along with dual vanities in the master. I wanted to live close to Gilbert and pay no more than $150,000. I am surprised now, that my Realtor at the time, is still my friend! I must have driven her crazy!

When you start your search, it is very important to make a list of your must haves and your wants. Then the best thing is to prioritize from there. I feel that most Realtors want to do our best to find every client the perfect home. That being said, it becomes a challenge for us when you are not sure on what you really want. I know that I feel terrible when I keep coming up short since I make it my personal goal to find my clients the perfect house. I just need to know what we are looking for.

I recommend that the first thing you do is determine what you can afford. This will help you to prioritize those wants and needs. The next thing should be to determine your desired location. If you have to live in a certain area, that will change the way you have to prioritize. Then you will need to make sure the home size will work for the people who will be living in it. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? And lastly, I would prioritize the ammenities. Do you really need a pool or granite counters? I love it when I can find clients exactly what they are looking for.

Sometimes it is easy to put that list together but sometimes it is a lot harder.  I would love to sit down with you and help talk you through your home buying priorities. Then we can find the elusive perfect house for you!